Thursday, June 4, 2015

More from today

Uncle Jason & Emma
Hmmm she is catching up
BF Sam

Great Day!

Wow! It's June 4....I am 41 today! Don't feel like that age...I feel really young, with old kids! Lol. 

Great day celebrating Landyn's last day of 3rd and Kordyn's first football game as a Senior!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

JHS Hurricane vs LR Catholic

We won 28-17! Kordyn got to play for about 8 min & did great!

Coach Darby giving them feedback on how well they did!!

1st high school football game

This guy is ready for some Hurricane football!!! Open the roof, let it rain! Give 'em hail hurricane!!!  Scrimmage against Little Rock Catholic

A bday party...aka...a Montessori reunion!

Landyn got to see his friends Ian & Jude
& Luke @ Luke's bday party

Landyn's 1st Race

Lanynd ran 2 miles in the St Bernards Back to School race. His school placed 2nd in # of students that participated & they won $500!!!

Timing chip on shoe
All tagged & ready to run with Ethan
Landyn's 1st grade teacher Ms Gregory
Here he comes!
30 min 13 sec!

He was worn out
Breakfast of champions....Cracker Barrell

1st day of school

Landyn started 2nd....Kordyn started 10th!!

After school special tropical snow snack!
Kord's schedule!