Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break week in review

Monday-I had to go to school to work on summer/fall enrollment. Worked upstairs on it from 8:30 to 3:00. But the good news is that we got a lot done on it. Kordyn hung out at Mamie and Peet's house for the day. Landyn went to school. Jason went to work.

Tuesday- I went to school for half a day: work on some kindergarten stuff and observe the teacher I'm mentoring then left at noon. Kordyn worked with Mamie and Peet while Landyn and I came home for a nap. Jason went to work.

Wednesday- Slept into 8:00! did laundry, read and finished a book, started another one. cooked roast, potatoes and carrots for dinner (in the crock pot:)Jason went to work.

Thursday-it rained all day! Love the rain when I don't have to go out in it. We hung out at home. Jason went to work and the dr for his sinus infection. Landyn went to the Nickelodeon live show with Mr and Mrs Way and their grandaughter Bailey. We went out to eat with Kordyn at our new Fazolis. I read another book

Friday-so far, we've only slept in to 8:00, so we haven't accomplished very much except some laundry.

Love a slow week!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Favorites

You'll be little disapointed with this week's list:

1. spell checker- use word for spell check everytime I'm not sure how to spell a word. Will not confess what word I looked up today-let's just say that it was a rainy gloomy Friday and my brain was already on weekend time:)

2. The Wii- great entertainment for all ages. We just limit the time to 30min a day but the boys don't really use it except on Friday and Saturdays.

3. Black grapes-love those sweet guys

4. The chat feature on facebook. Just chatted with my friend April and we're planning a night out in Memphis to see Cats. It's in July but planning is a good thing, ya know? (Hi, April:)

5. Large unsweet tea with lemon and sweet and low-new sonic order since I gave up sodas. Sometimes I need a little caffeine.

That's all. Told ya you'd be dissapointed. I'm just really tired and have yawned all day. Trying to convince Landyn it's bedtime but he is really wound up-Kordyn has a friend over and they are playing the Wii.

****Just got a text from Jason (he's in Stuttgart this weekend trapping) I was asking him about going to see Cats. He wanted to know what a cat in Memphis is? I need to get him out more! Maybe I should bribe him with dinner before!

******I used the spell checker on this so there are no spelling errors. Gotta love technology:)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

And the bug hits

Well, I spoke too soon. Kordyn started in with the stomach virus this afternoon so no Who Dats for us:( He is much better now but still has a horrible headache. He's come home from school everyday giving me updates on who went home with it so I was expecting him to get it. He got an email from a friend and she has it also. Wonder who will get it next???? I've already laid down towels in Landyn's room and the washer is empty in case we need to throw in clothes. I'm feeling sickly but I think it's because I'm expecting to get it!

Friday, March 5, 2010

The week

Well, all are well finally at our house. Well, except Jason. He was having chest pains and his left arm was hurting so he went to the dr this am. No heart problems-it's esophagitis-basically reflux. So, maybe now he'll join my no soda club. I have felt so much better since I'm not drinking soda regularly. I actually drank one today and didn't even think it tasted very good. Bet he would feel much better!!
Tomorrow, we are going to Who Dats in Bald Knob for dinner with our friends Amy and Shawn Gibson. Fun and laughter will be had by all:)

Landyn had a birthday party tonight for his friend Ethan. It was at Pump It Up. I couldn't believe that he actually played on the bouncy things-he had never wanted to play on those when we've been around them-just too scared. He is growing up tooo fast! He had a lot of fun and is wore out now, but he hurt his foot and still limping around. Guess we'll be going to have it looked at if he doesn't start using it tomorrow.