Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last T-Ball game

Tonight was Landyn's last t-ball game. He has enjoyed it so much and improved every game. He finally started actually running for the ball instead of just watching it roll. And, he can hit well now. Here are some pics from his last game and with his friend, Nick Falls. Nick and Landyn will be in kindergarten together next year at Montessori. (Nick's oder brother was in my class this year) and we go to church with the Falls also. Love these poses!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our weekend

This has been a great weekend so far. Friday, after cleaning up the house so that our termite inspector could come, I picked up Kordyn's best friend, Layne, so he could spend the weekend with us. (his mother delivered his twin brothers last Tuesday @28 wks and they are in Arkansas Children's Hospital in stable but serious condition). We went to Paragould to meet Jason's family at Brick Oven Pizza. Barbara and I ordered the Mediterranean Pizza and it was wonderful!

Saturday, we slept in, cooked breakfast*, then Jason , Landyn and I ran errands, did laundry and cooked dinner*. Then is was pillow fight time and we watched the movie Game Plan- it was a good movie! Finally got everyone in bed at 10:15.

Landyn will not sleep in his bed if it is thundering, raining or lightening so guess where he ended up Friday and Saturday? Yep, complete with stuffed elephant, blanket and earphones!

Looking forward to a great day tomorrow also!

*we cooked: ugly biscuits and bacon wrapped chicken-both recipes are on my recipe blog: www.theboyslikeitsyrupee.blogspot.com

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

yes, this is late. But I did take the pictures yesterday!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, aka PaT. He is a wonderful grandpa to my boys (and to Maggie:). It's so funny to me that my boys are so much more calmer and can sit longer than he can though:)

Happy Father's Day to my father-in-law, aka Peet (don't ask, we don't know where Peet came from, Kordyn started calling him that when he was one and it stuck). He is also a wonderful grandpa to the boys and Emma.

Last but not least, Happy Father's Day to my boy's dad, Daddy (aka Jason or J-bird). He is the best dad! He and Kordyn have a ritual on Friday nights: to stay up late and watch tv shows about prisons (we're hoping it is making an impression that he doesn't want to end up in one!) And he and Landyn have a ritual of sitting in the recliner every night before bed. I love to hear them talk about these rituals-they are memories that they will remember when they are daddies! Love you, Jason!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I love my flower garden! Last year, I planted a small hydrangea bush and this year is is huge. These are some blooms I cut and put on my kitchen table before the 100 degree heat killed them!
I also have geraniums, petunias, and lantana in pots this year. I vary the colors every year-just depends on my mood when I go shopping. For mother's day, J and the boys got me another double knockout rose bush and they are blooming-will have to take a picture later.

Class of 2016

Kordyn's 6th grade class

Paula Deen

Last Saturday, my friend Beth, my mother and I went to see Paula Deen at the Arkansas Women's Show at the Verizon Arena in North Little Rock. We were expecting to see her actually cook something but she talked, and talked and talked and laughed soo hard she peed in her pants! It was very entertaining...I took about 40 pictures but here are the best ones. The darker ones are actually of the huge screens that were on both sides of the stage.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weekend fun

Landyn and I left Jonesboro Friday morning to go to Little Rock to pick Kordyn up from Camp Jam and to spend the weekend with my parents. We went to lunch with my mom and ran into friends from Jonesboro who were on their way from Hot Springs to Litte Rock for tennis. Then we went shopping and cooked dinner for the guys.
Saturday, we picked up a friend of mine who moved to Little Rock last week and went to the Arkansas Women's Show to see.......PAULA DEEN!!!! I will post pictures tomorrow when I get home. It was a great day. She was supposed to be having a cooking demo but she never even cooked; the chefs from the Peabody did it along with Micheal. Paula just talked non stop and laughed so hard that she even peed in her pants. It was so exciting to see her in person!

Friday, June 4, 2010

my birthday

well, it's happened, I turned 36 today. That sounds sooo old to say that-only 4 more years to 40! I wanted to post 36 things about me but since I'm sick with a sinus and ear infections, I will wait until I feel better! I was hoping to feel better in the morning so we can finish our house mess we started last weekend-finish the grouting in the bathroom, clean up and finish putting away the junk!