Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Soccer Game

We were finally able to play our last soccer game! We've had so much rain and flooding that we had to miss several games.
 Landyn, Ethan and Win Paul
 Hannah, Landyn, Ethan, Win Paul and Alex
The Great Soccer Player....Landyn Brock
 Coach Kris caught Landyn, who was trying to get his hat!
 And, he got it!
 Win Paul and Landyn going for a goal!
 Waiting for the kick
 Landyn is going for a goal!
 Sideline "talk"
 Win Paul landed in a mud puddle!
 Good game!!
 Way to go!!!

Clinton Library/Dr Seuss art

We went to Little Rock to celebrate Mother's Day with Nana. And, since the Clinton Library had a Dr Seuss art exhibit there til the end of May, we decided to go and visit. It was really neat to see the artwork and the Presidential memorbilia. We even say a FBI most wanted poster of Osama Bin Laden from when Clinton put him on the most wanted list. There was also an exhibit of waxed figures from history. It was really cool. My favorite was the one of George Washington.

You can look up dates in these binders and see what the President was doing at certain times. When Jason and I got married on June 8, 1996, 2 pm,  he was playing golf. When Kordyn was born at 5:55 pm on April 9, 1998, he was hosting the NCAA championshi winners.

Montessori Picnic

It rained the day of our picnic so we had to stay at school and have it inside:(
This is Charley Claire, Presley, Landyn and Stryker. These are Landyn's best buddies!!
 And, Daddy got to come for the picnic!!

 And, Mom got to take time out for a picture! I was so busy that day but it ended up being a great day!
And, Mr. Elrod got to come and we watched his magic show!
Ended up being a great day even though we had to skip the park.
We made a good decision to stay at school because about 15 min after Elrod got finished, it started raining again! So glad we weren't at the park and having to walk back in the rain!!


This year, Landyn is on the Diamondbacks! He, Nick, Ryder and Charley Claire are all on the same team. We also go to church with them.
 lining up to say good game!
After a great start, Landyn decided he didn't want to play the next game. All it took was the mention of a trophy and he is all about t-ball again!

random pictures, take 2

even tho these pics have been turned, they are still showing up sideways. oh well!
Landyn at our mall play area
 landyn is ready for the day
 jason is "tornado ready attire"
 This is our most favorite thing: the Cc-Pap machine! It had kept us from divorce:) Seriously, this is the best thing. Jason was not sleeping well and even stopped several times when he went for his sleep study.
 All ready to help dad fix the sink!

random pictures

these are some random pictures that i found on my cell phone!
This is Landyn with his friend Luke and Mrs. Pitcher on the playground at school.
 Landyn and Bailey Way eating bananas in the kitchen at school. Bailey is Mrs. Way's granddaughter who lives in Little Rock.
 Cousin Emma and Landyn at the lake at Craighead Forest Park. They were feeding the ducks!
 Landyn caught a skunk! (it's just a stuffed animal!)
 Our mall has a new train that is soo cool! Landyn had to ride it about 3 times.
 And, dad rode with him too!
 After a hard day, Landyn was pooped!!

Kordyn, Landyn and Great-Granny and the gun. Great picture just wish the gun wasnt in there!

 Kordyn teaching Landyn football plays in the yard. That was hilarious to watch!