Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I think they miss us

I hope they are missing us since Jason and I are missing them! It's just too quiet here. Love the fact that it is clean and there are no toys everywhere on the floor, but I can't wait to see them on Thursday! Tonight, Landyn and PaT are sleeping in the camper in the driveway and he is sooo excited! Tomorrow, Kordyn and a friend get to camp out by themselves! Wonder how long they'll last before coming inside?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend recap

Well, they are gone. The boys are in Bryant with Nana and Pa T (my parents) going to VBS and having a great time. I will be joining them on Thursday and then go to ElDorado to visit my grandparents for the July 4th holiday.

So, since we had no babysitter and no CURFEW!! last night, we went to the late movie and saw The Proposal. It was really good and sooo funny. BTW, we went to Kroger after, about 11:30-there are very strange people out late at night.

Wonder if they are missing us yet?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day

Jason's father's day post in on my recipe blog: www.theboyslikeitsyrupee.blogspot.com
GO there for pics and all about our wonderful dinner (from farmer's market food!) YUM!!

Guess where I went this morning?

The ASU Farmer's Market. I love to buy my vegetables from local "farmers". I guess it would be even better to grow my own, but that's not going to happen. I'll just pay for it. Can't wait until fresh green beans, grilled corn on the cob, and a grilled squash are cooking for dinner tonight!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've been busy

Last Saturday, I went to TJ MAXX-my favorite place for retail therapy!!! And i found the most amazing chalkboard. Jason won't let me paint chalkboard paint on the wall under the cabinets-I really wanted to so I thought this would be the next best thing. Here are the before and after shots. It originally was a seafoam green color, but it clashed with my green walls so I painted it chocolate brown. Works great for reminders by the back door!
Total cost: $14.99 for the chalkboard! Already had the paint and chalk

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

His Dot

Last night, Landyn came running over to me to show me his "dot". (It is a mole.) He asked me if I put it there. I told him that God did. So, now he tells everyone he sees that he has a dot that God put there. I love this age!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Favorites

Since I haven't posted any favorites in a while, here goes:

1. Playlist-I've been working on this list for several weeks, but finally had time this afternoon to figure out how to post it!

2. Crystal Light Instant drink mix powder thingies- not sure what their exact title is, but it helps when I get tired of just plain water! Raspberry lemonade and peach tea are my favorites!

3. Homemade pizzas- Kordyn has his friend spending the night and I thought making their own pizzas would be fun. Landyn loves to help in the kitchen; then I get to clean up the mess, but it's fun.

4. Rainy days-but only when I have nowhere to go. I love it when it starts to cloud over and then we get a rain shower. Don't like tornadoes, but love to listen to the rain and the smell is even better.

5. Library books-I've wanted the buy several cookbooks, but am just too cheap to buy them. So, I looked them up at the library and they were there! Gotta love a great use of our tax dollars!

6. DVR- How did I live without this???? I don't even worry about watching my favorite shows anymore. Sunday afternoon during Landyn's nap time, I get caught up! Or, late at night (like before 10; not REAL late because I'm old and have to have 8 hours of sleep everynight) when their is not a thing on tv, I get to watch my favorite shows!

7. Polka-dots- enough said. I've been painting them on some dishes that I picked up at a flea market and yard sales this past weekend. Love paint markers and chalkboard paint.

That's all, folks. Wow! Seven favorites. Stay tuned for a new recipe as soon as I try it!

Monday, June 8, 2009

On June 8,1996, 13 years ago...

Jason and I were married. In Dewitt, Ar, very, very, very small town somewhere in south Arkansas. Funny thing, we've never set foot in that church since. My parents moved to Bryant a month after we got married. It was a beautiful church, sorry no pictures of the wedding, just one very goofy one we took sometime when we were being funny.

Yestarday, we welcomed a new member of our family: Louis Alexander Bluefin, aka as LuLu, the betta fish. Kordyn gave him his full name, but Landyn insists on calling him LuLu. We tried to tell him that it was a he, but he was very determined to call him LuLu. So, we now have a male fish named LuLu. I reminded Kordyn about his dog we used to have that he named, Brick!

We went out to eat in honor of our anniversary, to Chili's! YUM!! And then to WalMart. What a romantic evening!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I saw this on someone else's blog and decided to answer it on mine on my 35th birthday, so here are the ABC's about me:

age-35 as of today
bed-queen, wish it were a king when Landyn joins us
chore you hate-emptying the dishwasher, that's why I gave that to Kordyn to do (he likes it)
dog's name-no pets
essential start to your day-diet dr pepper
favorite color-red
gold, silver or platinum?-gold wedding rings, silver everything else
instrument you play-none, thinking about piano again?
job title- Kindergarten teacher and assistant director
kids- 2 boys, 11 and 3
living room colors-chocolate milk walls, red accents and brown furniture
mom's name-Paula
nicknames-? not sure I have one, does MOM or Mrs. Turner count?
overnight stay other than my birth? 2, both with birth of the boys
pet peeve-people who cut in front of me in line
quote from a movie-can't stay awake long enough to watch one
right or left handed- right
siblings- 1 brother, Jeff
time you wake up-Mon-Fri, 5:30 am; Sat, whenever; Sun, by 8 am
useless information- peppermints make me sneeze
vegetable you like the most/least- most: grilled squash and zucchini; least: beets
ways you run late- husband and children who are not morning people
x-rays you've had- teeth, ct for kidney stone, hand
yummy food you make- caramel cake
zoo favorite- Memphis zoo, I love the seal show and monkeys

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

His dream came true

Jason's dream came true-he got selected for jury duty! He reported today but wasn't chosen and has to report back in 2 weeks. He was so bummed; he really wanted to be on a trial. Can we say weird??? I never returned the yellow card inquiring if I still live at our address- I was afraid that was why they sent it; I don't have time for jury duty!!June is almost as busy as August.

Kordyn is loving Camp Jam!! He finishes up on Friday.
Landyn is sick and had to go visit Dr. W Skaug today. He loves to see him; Dr.Skaug is so good with Landyn. He has a sinus infection and a little fever-he also has laryngitis and it sounds so funny from a 3 year old.

Happy Belated Birthday to my brother, Jeff Williams! He was 32 on Monday, June 1. (I haven't had time to blog until today).