Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our family blog. We would like to share important things with our family and friends.
Jason is busy with grad school-he is taking 13 hours and also working and doing an internship. He is having to study a lot! When he is not studying, he is getting geared up for the upcoming trapping season in Nov.

Rhonda is busy with her 18 kindergarteners. This is the largest class we've ever had at the Montessori School. She tries to scrapbook when the boys are in bed, but has decided that being a mother is more important and so is sleep when Landyn is actually sleeping!

Kordyn is in 4th grade now and is constantly reading! We are not sure how much longer that we can support his habit!!! Books A Million and Barnes and Noble know us well. He is loving his teachers this year (at least his homeroom one, Mr. Baker who also teaches reading!). He is taking karate every Monday night and is working toward a purple belt. He is an awesome big brother! BUT, he loves to aggrevate Landyn.

Landyn is a typical 21 mo old. into everything and throwing fits if he doesn't get his way. But when he is at the babysitters, he is supposedly the perfect child!!! He will start Montessori next month sometime. He is very interested in potty training and we are gradually beginning to work on it. We had his cardiology check-up last week. He will be having surgery when he is 4 to repair the asd (atrial septal defect)/the hole in his heart.

Will post more later!
The Turners