Saturday, March 19, 2011

Words from the "tween-ager"

Kordyn doesn't like to have his picture taken and put on the blog so... here he is! I managed to sneak in a few pics anyway. Some are good, some, well, he managed to get away from me first!

And, the last one is usually what happens when he sees my camera come out! Oh well, at least I can sneak in a few if I try!!  Can't believe he'll be 13 in a few weeks!!

Spring Playing

Love the wonderful weather we are having!!! Landyn got out his bike and scooter to play with this afternoon so I grabbed my new camera to play around with. (notice his backwards bike helmet-love it:)

 Telling Dad he needs some air in his tires!
 Off to the shop for the air

And, riding is back on!!

Hmm...what is that?

Only 5 year old I know that is small enough to take a bath in the kitchen sink! Since Landyn's eardrum ruptured last week, he can't get it wet at all. So, bath time has been a challenge! Jason just put him in the sink instead of trying to use the large nozzle sprayer in the boys' bathroom. He'll probably hate me one day for putting this on here:)

Loving Skype

This morning,we got to talk to my brother's family! minus by brother (he was at the airport picking up a group of people, from my parent's church,who were coming to help them this week) Kaleb has gotten so big since they left! And, Maggie is talking so much now! It broke my heart to have to say goodbye to her because she stuck out her bottom lip and said No when Amy told her to tell us goodbye! But, finally we got a kiss blown to us and we had to end the call. I love skype and webcams! Makes it a little easier to get to talk to them with them so far away:)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Women's LACE Conference

Our church had a women's conference this morning. We started off with muffins, fruit and coffee. Then we moved into the sanctuary to listen to Pam Rusher speak. She is a wonderful woman who I've known for many years. Her husband, Buck, was a surgeon who passed away last May from a brain tumor. They spent several years on the mission field in Mongolia. We got to know them well when we attended Central.
Next we had lunch, catered by Ann's Restaurant and several door prizes were handed out.
The afternoon speaker was a lady named Gianna Jessen. Her testimony is awesome. She was a saline-aborted baby who lived and has cerebal palsy. Her website: has more information on her ministry. She sings beautifully and is probably THE MOST HILARIOUS PERSON I'VE EVER HEARD!!! I loved the way she finds humor in almost everything. I can't wait to hear her again tomorrow at church!
The final door prize of the day was a flying tour over Jonesboro! My friend Susan won it!

btw, LACE stands for: ladies aspiring to Christian excellence