Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Call

Last night about 7:30, I got a text that I've always feared...."I'm lost in the woods and can't seem to get my bearings on where I am."
I didn't panic; just decided to wait until I heard from him again. 45 min later, I tried to call him but no answer. he finally called me about 8:30 to say I'm lost, call my dad, tell him I parked where we always park. So, the phone calls began! While we were all talking and trying to decide who to call, Peet decided to call Eric (j's brother) and send him out there to honk and flash his lights. In the meantime, a stranger saw his truck still there and was concerned and called 911. The dispatcher called me and wanted Jason's cell #, filled me in on how they knew, etc
Jason could see lights and thought it was Eric but they were talking on the phone and he wasn't that close to the woods. They were afraid it was someone spotlighting deer and Jason would be shot. Finally, he made it out of the woods and went straight to get something to EAT!!!
We were really afraid he would be spending the night in the woods! It was a long night!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Festival

 Mamie and "Buzz Lightyear" passing out candy
 My friend, Amy Mayes, the Hippie! Her husband and son were also, but they had already changed when I took her picture.
 Buzz on the bouncy slide
Putting a "pie" in Pastor Pete's face-he's our student minister

We had a very fun day. I worked the registration area, standing at the enterance to our parking lot, and passed out information cards. Mamie passed out candy at my van and Landyn and Peet walked around, bounced, trick or treated at the cars, Kordyn worked at the youth snack shack helping sell jamblaya, frito pie, nachos, cokes, chips, and other goodies. I tried to win several neat things in the silent auction but was outbid by someone else. It was a great day, but my head and ears hurt so much from the wind! Landyn had soccer this morning also and it was cold and windy out there. We are camped out at home tonight and ready to just relax!

Friday, October 29, 2010


 Fun on the bleachers!
 #70 is Kordyn
 Aunt Amy and Maggie at Olive Garden
 Nana, Uncle Jeff and Maggie
 baby Kaleb
First Cousin Pictures with everyone!

Guess who came to visit us? Our cousins Maggie, Kaleb, Aunt Amy, Uncle Jeff and Nana! Uncle Jeff and Aunt Amy were attending the Arkansas Baptist State Convention which was at Central Baptist. We enjoyed visiting with them, playing and watching Kordyn play football. Sad night though-MacArthur lost to Annie Camp-first game they've lost so far:(

Halloween Party with Friends

 Castle bouncy house
 Batman pinata!
 getting ready to get some candy!
 Landyn takes a swing @ the pinata
 Friends: Houston and Kolton (love the tongue out:)
Pumpkin bowling
Landyn has a friend at school, who's name is also Landon. He had a halloween party last Saturday and Landyn went to it as a soccer player. He's saving his real costume for the festival at church and trick-or-treating. It was a really fun party with a castle bouncy thing, bobbing for apples, doughnut eating with no hands, pumpkin bowling, pinata. Great party with great friends!

Fall Pictures

Last weekend, the boys and I took fall pictures at the Montessori School. They turned out so good!!! Landyn got really into the posing; Kordyn really didn't:) but at least I got a few good ones (and some that I can use for blackmail later in life:)

Friday, October 22, 2010

The weekend is finally here!

So glad it's finally the weekend. We did a little shopping tonight, love a good bargain at Kohl's! Finally found some new rugs for the kitchen floor-with the perfect combination of brown, creme and green! And, bought a baby present for a shower next week-really needing a baby fix!!! I know so many people who have had boys lately!!!Good thing my niece and new baby nephew will be here on Monday! And, Kord got some jeans-wasn't sure if he and Landyn were going to make it out of there alive but they did:) While Jason checked out, I took the "screamer" to the car-he was sad because he couldn't have the huge remote controlled truck!

Tomorrow: a photo shoot at school. I am helping 2 teachers with their babies and taking pics of Landyn,too. Made a deal with Kord that he wouldn't have to go tomorrow but he has to on Sunday morning really quick on the way to church.
Then, it's a Halloween party for one of Landyn's friends. So glad soccer got cancelled:) After all this excitement, I will start the cleaning of this cluttered house:)
Can't wait to see my family on Monday!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Decorating

 Painted pumpkin from Taylor's Greenhouse in Hoxie, Ar
 Loved this painted pumpkin-reminds me of Landyn!
 Some of my favorite things: Lamp, cookbook, caramel candle and pumpkin plate
 Another favorite cookbook and Landyn's haunted house he made with Mammie and Emma (ignore all of the junk around it:)
 Chalkboard stand and tray-not sure what Landyn wrote on there tho
 This pumpkin lights up but Landyn doesn't like it very much. Trying to find something to hang on that black stand
Fall plate, candle, painted pumpkin and fall girl-a gift from a co-worker
My favorite: Harvest China. Love these plates! And the bargain I got on them at TJ Maxx!

And that is my fall decoration tour for the year! Didn't do much outside since it's been 90 degrees up until last week-just didn't feel like fall to me!

All About Me

So, this post is really vain, but since It's my scrapbook, I wanted to document things that are important to me, what I like, love, etc. So, here is goes:

*God-for all he's done; I'm so unworthy of it
*My family: blessed to have all of the Williams and Turners in my life:)
*My church: leaders, people we've met there, student ministry, Bible studies-we are so blessed to have found such a loving church after searching for awhile-it's now home to us!
*I love living in the country with no close neighbors-just wish we had a little more room tho!
*I love to work in my flower garden in the spring and fall, hate the hot summer tho'
*I love having boys! They are fun and I never feel guilty shopping by myself because that is "girl time!"
*I love to collect recipes. Not quite sure I'll ever cook them but I have them in case.
*I love to shop at the ASU Farmer's Market and am always so sad when it stops for the winter
*I LOVE my minivan!!! It's keep 2 boys alive:) they each get their own seating and no one fights anymore
*I love anything with polka dots on it
*I love monograms. Especially with the letter "T" on it
*Lamps-we never use our overhead lights at night
*My favorite colors are: lime green, mocha brown, barn red and black & white
*If I ever need a pick me up, then I change purses-I know, weird
*Dimples:) Just look at my husband and boys and you'll know why!
*Salsa; it's a free food, no fat or calories. And, I have the most awesome recipe that tastes like Chili's
*Ruby Tuesday's garden salad especially with their balsamic vinaigrette dressing
*Love my job: kindergarten teacher at a Montessori School
*My favorite flowers are tulips, any color
* I enjoy decorating my house for different seasons
*The DVR-what did we do without it???
*Funny movies
*Sad movies, especially ones that are based on a real event or so realistic they could be
*Girl's nights out-don't get enough but love when they happen
*Sweet tea-even tho I usually order unsweet
*Diet Dr Pepper-it's my morning coffee
*Fruit-rather have it over chocolate, especially strawberries
*Babies, especially ones that I can love on and then hand back so I can sleep all night long!
*Brown eyes-everyone in my house has them except me, I have green
*Photography-I dream of getting a REAL Fancy camera!
*Fujis-love their Hibachi chicken, with fried rice and the veggies
*Diet Lemonade from Chick-fil-A; so sweet and tart without all the sugar
*Silver jewelry
*Kitchen towels-I have this little thing for seasonal kitchen towels:)
*My friends-they are always there when I need someone. Love them
*Fall and Spring-not summer or winter
*Texting-couldn't survive without it
*Nicholas Sparks' books-love a good cry!
*Hot Apple Cider, especially from Starbucks
*Bargain shopping
*Coupon clipping/shopping for sales when grocery shopping

Think this just about covers things I care about!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Landyn is enjoying soccer. He is not a very aggressive child to kicking the ball from another kid is not really his thing! He prefers to just watch and kick it if it happens to come close to him!

Football Season

Kordyn's team is 5 and 0 so far this year!! Yeah!!!!!!!