Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hospital Day 2

Getting a nice ride to the heart clinic for an echo!
some of his new toys!
All smiles cause it all looks good and we are going home!

LB and Daddy!
We had to carry the wires with us everywhere

One of our doctors. We also saw, Dr Fontanot, Dr Ebbel . This CareHub is the tv remote, the game and movie orderer and all the information you would need to know center!
 Ready to go home!
Playing legos at Nana and Pa T's!!
Landyn was a bundle of energy when he got to leave the hospital! He was a brave boy and never cried! (except when we took the bandage off his groin area later). We told him that he made the whole experience peaceful!

Surgery Day

Waiting at 6 am for our name to be called to the pre-op room
getting the hospital jammies on!

Waiting so quietly for to be taken to the cath lab; we were a nervous bunch!
walking to the cath lab
We had so many family and friends that waited with us-it helped us so much!!!

All done!! The cath procedure worked so no open heart surgery!!!

opening some special presents!
nurse Emma! She fed Landyn an entire cup of ice while he played with the x box
eating a popsicle in the recovery room-it did make him a little sick tho:(
 All smiles when he got to wear his glasses and play Batman!

All Aboard!

The night before surgery, we took Landyn to eat at All Aboard in Little Rock. The food is delivered by a train! It was sooo cool!!! Landyn was our engineer!

Pre-op Day

We left Jonesboro at 5 am for our appointment at Arkansas Children's Hospital. We started at 8:30 for our pre-op appointments. It was an all day event! We saw the cardiologist, the surgeon, the child life specialist, the apn, had tests, blood taken, chest x-ray. I would say the deluxe package:)   After, finishing at the hospital, Daddy was giving platelets in case they were needed for surgery. We went to the American Red Cross in Little Rock. Since we were a special donation, the director gave Landyn this special American Red Cross Mickey Mouse. We had a good day even though it was a crazy one and we were exhausted when we finally got home at 10 that night!

Atrial Septal Heart Defect

Landyn was born with an Atial Septal Heart Defect. His was 1.5 cm big and needed surgery to close it with a device. We were so excited that they were able to close it with the cathether device and not have to do open heart surgery! We had to go to Arkansas Children's Hospital for a day of pre-op appointments. It was a loooonnnngggg day!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Jayhawks Swim Party

Landyn's baseball team had a swim party after their last game in June. We had swimming and a cookout at Coach Dan's house. Great night with a great team!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


 This is Landyn's first year to play machine pitch baseball. He likes it but after gettin hit with the ball in practice (it comes out at 36 mph) he has been a little scared of it. But, after some practice, he is hitting it again:)

His team is the Kansas  Jayhawks. Love the black eye stuff that makes them look professional!

School Picnic

 Jude, Luke, Clay and Landyn
 Landyn's "girlfriend" Hannah....he has a slight crush on her.

 Hannah and Landyn moved to sit in the sun
 waiting on the magic show to begin
 Mr Elrod came to do his magic show again. Charley Claire and Landyn were picked as helpers.

Red Wolves Baseball

 The Jayhawks visited the Red Wolves last Sunday to watch them play South Alabama.
 Meeting the team
 Team prayer time before the game
 The Jayhawks got to go out on the field for the National Anthem. It was so cute to see them take off their hats and put them over their heart!

 Perfect seats to watch the game
 We sat with Mr. and Mrs. Way. He has a little red plaque with his name on it-he is a BIG!!!! supporter of Red Wolves Baseball!! Funny story, their son was at a Razorback game in Little Rock and sat next to a pro scout. He had been in Jonesboro the day before and remembered Ed because he sits behind the ump and is very vocal:) It was so fun to sit with them!
 Popcorn and soda was a must
 It was 96 degrees!! We all got sunburned and sweaty but it was fun
 Getting ready to run the bases after we won!!!!
After the game, on our way to the van, Mr Way ran back over and gave Landyn a baseball that he found next to his car! Now Landyn has 3 special balls!!