Saturday, December 25, 2010

Future Razorbacker?

Just look at that 3 point stance!!

Merry Christmas, 2010

Christmas Eve Traditions

We started a new tradition this year, we ordered a pizza and drove around looking at Christmas lights while we ate. Then, we heard that Santa was almost to Jonesboro so....

 we started home as fast as we could so we could get...
 our reindeer food out for the reindeers.

 And, set out our cookies and Diet Coke for Santa.
Sure hope we've been good enough for him to come this year!!

Turner Family Christmas, Christmas Eve

 the boys being goofy
 and with cousin Emma
 The beautiful table
 The elves getting their directions
 Landyn opening presents
 Kordyn opening presents
 the Turners
 The Turners with Granny Akin
 Our family-gave up on a good shot!
discussing Santa's upcoming arrival!

Christmas Eve Eve

On Christmas Eve Eve, our family tradition is a family campout in the living room and to watch a movie. This year we watched Elf. I went to bed in the early morning because it was cold!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Landyn and his friend Stryker had a blast visiting Winter Wonderland. Landyn went home with Stryker and his grandmother (who he also calls Mamie). They played, ate dinner at McDonalds and then I met them at Winter Wonderland.

They were so funny sitting with Santa-they thought it was so neat that he knew their names!! Landyn asked for a Lego set airplane. Stryker on the other hand a detailed list-we were cracking up listening to him tell Santa all that he wanted!

Montessori Staff Party

We started our celebration with a baby shower for Mrs.Cline. We are so excited that baby Tucker will be joining the "future Montessori class" soon!
 Playing dirty santa with the ornament exchange

 Enjoying a relaxing evening at Mrs. Way's house
We had potato and vegetable beef soup-great choice since it was only 20 degrees outside! We always have so much fun when we get together and can visit without being interrupted by little munchins:)

Refuge Christmas Party

The GOOFY group picture
 Sam timed it perfect to jump in the air!
 We played a game with long johns, balloons and panty hose. This is what we came up with: Santa and reindeer!
 And, this is what Jason used the antlers for!
We help teach our church's college class along with another couple. They are a great group of kids! Sure felt old being the "teacher" and not the member at the party!!

"Arrest These Merry Gentlemen"

Our children's ministry presented their Christmas musical, "Arrest These Merry Gentlemen". The preschool choir sang "Peace is here For You/Little Town of Bethlehem".
This was at practice
 This was the real event. They were really excited to get to use REAl microphones!!
I have video from the actual performance but the volume didn't work very well. It was really cute to see the 3 & 4 year olds singing/screaming the song!

Landyn's 5th birthday party

Landyn had his party at our church's gym. He invited 38 kids and asked them to wear their favorite team's jersey! He had about 21 friends that were able to come-the rest had that lovely stomach virus that the rest of Jonesboro has had!

 Ms. Nikki made his cakes and cupcakes. She is one of his favorite people!
 The football cupcake cake
 The soccer cupcake cake
 The baseball and basketball cupcakes
 The "Team"
 Singing Happy Birthday to Landyn
 And let the eating begin!
 Opening presents
 The kids made Christmas ornaments
 And we played several games with balloons and cotton balls.
Great party, but we were all exhausted when it was over! I had several parents try to hire me to do their kids parties but I assured them that they cannot afford me:)