Thursday, February 28, 2013


Another bout of bronchitus & now Kordyn says: Ain't nobody got time for that!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cardio Check up

Landyn had his 6 mo post surgery checkup. Everything looked good. However since there is still a section that did not totally seal up he is still on a daily aspirin for another year & will still have yearly follow up appointments for a long time


Landyn is a big runner. He had ran 43 miles since school started. His school has a special run/walk once a month. This was the polar plunge run

A visitor

Kord's friend Clay came to visit. He lives in Texas but is movibg back to Jboro! We are so excited

Ice Storm 2013

Another ice thankful it wasn't bad & we did not lose power!!! Crazy weather. 60 one day, freezing precipvthe next!

Memory Lane

Love this pic i found of my boys & dad!!!

Happy Valentine's Day

I got a surprise....tulips!!! My fav from my fav guys!!!

Football player

What a mean looking football player!! These are actually magnets Landyn snuck home from Emma's birthday party.

Landyn's School Performance

The 1st graders did a musical about Australia. Landyn had a speaking part. He loves his teacher Ms. Gregory

They love pictures

Random pic i found on my phone of the boys & i...dont we look thrilled! Lol

Cousin Reunion

Jason's family from Nashville came to visit & we had a bbq swim party. Landyn loved playing with Bailey & Emma.

ASU Museum

Great party @ the ASU Museum....digging for dinosaurs!!!

Montessori Reunion

Back in January, 2 of Landyn's kind friends had a swimming birthday party. We parents always call these reunions! This class was & is sooo close:)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lost tooth

Landyn lost another tooth!!!