Saturday, July 23, 2011

Missing them

Missing my niece & nephew!!! These are "borrowed" from their blog! Too cute not to share!!!!

Maggie: 2 yrs, 3 mo  &   Kaleb: 10mo     Cuties!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


 We found a perfect spot to watch the fireworks! Landyn loved the bright colors. Freedom Fest 2011 was a hit again this year! I love how they set it to music from the Fox, 104.9.
And, here is a random picture that Landyn took of my new camera strap...he likes the colors and using my camera!

July 4th, 2011

We BBQ'd on July 4th but somehow I didn't get any pictures of the chicken, pork steak, spicy potatoes, southern skillet corn, baked beans or the homemade bread-just a picture of the made from scratch peach cobbler, the best thing anyway! LOL
 Finally, sneaked in a picture of Kordyn-he refuses to let me take his pic!
 On our way to watch the fireworks, we saw the doe that lives in our woods. We are throwing out corn so they will come up in the yard.
 And, coming soon... Fireworks!!

Landyn, the Super Ninja

 or underwear model?

He will probably want to get me one day for these pictures but they were so cute of him being so serious!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Summer (so-far) Update!!

This summer is going by so fast! A few weeks ago, I helped my assistant teacher decorate for her son's wedding. The bride and groom wanted an ASU Red Wolves' themed rehearsal with the university's colors of black and red. It turned out really good! We used pom poms, helmets, footballs and statues to decorate the tables. Here is one with a daisy and statue.
 Her son actually works for the ASU football dept so he was able to borrow several helmets for us to use.
 This was the dessert table. The framed picture has different football plays on it.
 This was the main serving table. We used their engagement picture, a football, helmet and pom poms,  a letter "B" and an "i love you" framed picture as the center pieces.
 This was the drink table. We added several pitchers of tea later but this was what we put the cokes in and the water.

I wanted to blog these pictures in case I ever need to decorate for another football party!

The next week, we had a horrible storm and came home to our patio table overturned! Can't believe the trampoline didn't blow away though!!

And, yesterday, Cousin Emma came home with us to play. Landyn and her had a blast playing house.
 We met Uncle Bucko and Aunt Barbara at Brick Oven Pizza in Paragould for dinner so we left early enough to run into Lowes first. Love their shopping carts!!! Both kids fit in it!
 Today, we went to Holcumb, Missouri to eat at Strawberry's BBQ. It was an hour and half trip one way and worth the drive!! Best BBQ ever! We bought the rub to use when we grill out. We stayed home this fourth of July. We haven't stayed home the past 3 years. After Landyn's dr appt Friday, I was really glad we stayed home-just wasn't up to talking about his upcoming surgery with every family member this weekend.