Saturday, October 29, 2011

World Series 2011

love those Cardinals!!!!! i usually hate to watch baseball on tv, dont mind it live but this week has been so fun to watch!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Busted Lip

Landyn decided to stand on Jason's broadhead target and it slipped out from under him and down he went! Guess who has a loose front tooth now?

Montessori Spooktacular Halloween Party 2011

What a fun evening we had at Clarah Creighton's Halloween party! We played lots of games: guessing jar, guess how much the pumpkin weighs, telling ghost stories, pumpkin bowling, bobbing for apples, eating delicious food! Smores around the fire pit, pinata in the "cemetary" (that's what Clarah Creighton 's brother Tom B called the backyard!) wrapping each other up at Mummies!
Great night, great weather!!

Landyn's week

Landyn's book project for school was "The Paperboy". He had to bring 3 items that were in the book. So, he brought a bike helmet, a bag and a newspaper. This is a special book because Kordyn also did this book for his project when he was in Montessori Kindergarten!

Today was Landyn's last regular soccer game and the last game was against his buddies, Stryker, Kolton and Cole. They were all buddies at Montessori last year; Kolton is in his class this year but the other 2 went to a different school.
 Best Buddies!!!
Landyn, Stryker, Kolton and Cole.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Harvest Fest 2011

Since Taylor's Greenhouse is now open at night for fall fun, we decided to go last night. Since all the men were busy and out of town, we met Aunt Barbara and Emma in Walnut Ridge for dinner. The restaurant was next to the new Beatles sculpture that they made just recently to commerate the time the Beatles stopped in Walnut Ridge at the airport. The kids wanted to pose with it!

 There was so much to do at Taylors!! Rubber Ducky races

 Picture posing

 Horse tire swinging

 Our favorite: Pumpkin Chucking!!!!

 More picture posing
 Cutie Cousins!

 Haybales to climb on
 Face/hand painting
 The big boys liked the pumpkin chucking too!


 Loved this candle!
 Hayride that was stopped by robbers:)

 The famous corn maze, which we got lost in. Kordyn and his friend Clay were our leaders since they had already been in there several times and just knew the way out! HA
 We made it out alive!!
 And, we were sooo glad there was a full harvest moon since the flashlight batteries went out in 2 of the 3 flashlights!
We have decided to make this an annual event! It was so much fun!!