Saturday, May 30, 2009

Catch up

What a week! School is over, much to Kordyn's disapointment-he wants to keep going just so he can play with friends. I am ready for some summer fun even though I still work 4 days a week in the summer-it just feels more relaxed!

We have one of those busy saturdays today: Jason has some mole yard work to check on (he has an animal damage control business on the side: moles, squirrels, raccoon, etc) Then he has a funeral at 1; I have a baby shower @ 2, grocery shopping, clothes shopping for Kordyn and then packing him to go to Little Rock for a week. He goes to my parents church's camp every June. Sometime in there, we are having a cookout so we can use our patio table and new umbrella! And, I also have a massive amount of laundry to do so that I can pack Kordyn's stuff. We'll meet my parents in Searcy tomorrow afternoon to drop him off. I'm thinking Landyn is going to figure this out this year that HE doesn't get to go. He'll have a special time with them later in June. They are still recupperating from their trip to Macedonia.

I'm working on posting new recipes, watch for them later this week.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I survived the week!

Here are the plant pics I never posted! It tried to turn the first pic but it wouldn't do it??

This was my "CRAZY" week. School-wide picnic on Wednesday, Kindergarten graduation on Thursday, Graduation lunch @ the Jonesboro Country Club and swim party on Friday. And, we had to practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for graduation! Would have practiced on Monday, but seeing as how I talked on the phone all day to calm parents down from panicing that we had a child with FLU, we did not get to practice. Then, to top it off, Thursday, I started feeling bad and by graduation time that evening, I had a little fever and went ahead and started an antibiotic. Today, I finally started feeling better-just a sinus infection, but Kordyn also has it. Guess Landyn and Jason are next. Looking forward to a lazy day on Monday!!!

I'm trying to figure out how to post a funny video I made of Landyn dancing to American Idol last week. We were starting to worry about him: last week, he wanted to be Mickey Mouse when he grew up, then after the Redbirds game last Fri, he decided that he wanted to be a Redbird ball player. Well, after watching Kiss perform on American Idol, he wanted to be in the bass band and wear white and black on his face and stick his tongue out!! But, now he's on to wanting to be Bob, the Builder! (since daddy bought him a carpenter's apron today at Sears). Guess he won't need any therapy from Daddy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Pics

Here are some pictures of the boys and I (notice who has grown almost taller than me). And the boys at the game. Landyn loved looking through the binoculars and watching the "ball game player" throw the ball.

I'm just too tired to wait on any more pictures to load-it has been a CRAZY DAY!!!! Nothing like rumors to cause us to have to call about 100 families to clear them up! I have been on the phone since 8:15 this morning until 2:45-my jaws are really hurting from talking so much!

So, coming tomorrow: plant pictures!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekend Fun

Last night (Friday) we went to a Memphis Redbird game. We had a blast. Kordyn was very serious with watching everything going on. Landyn was so excited and kept yelling, Go, ball team, go!! We had to make a stop at the gift shop and pick up a few things (baseball cards, helmet and ball and bat). And, I even got to eat ball-game nachos! We got home about 11 but it took until much later for Landyn to settle down and go to sleep! I will post pics tomorrow.

This morning, a friend of mine and my mil (Karla) got up early and went to Hoxie to Taylor's Greenhouse to buy plants. They have 11 greenhouses to shop in and much more around their shop buildings. I got several things to make container gardens. I have already made one trip to Lowe's and planted several things, but needed more to finish it up. Then, in between raindrops, I planted all of my wonderful plants and now I am so happy with my yard!!! Jason and I moved a holly tree, juniper bush, and trimmed all of the bushes out front. Just need knockout roses for the back of the house and I will be finished! I think I used muscles that have never been used before. We went into town and ate dinner (in the van) at 8 pm. We were very dirty, hungry and tired people.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

My mom and dad are actually in Macedonia right now spoiling their newest grandchild, a PINK one. Yes, finally, my mother has a granddaughter to buy all of that frilly, lacy stuff for. (She looks very cute in it btw)
Here is a copy of the smilebox card we sent her:
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I would like to welcome Olive Garden to Jonesboro! My favorite restaurant. I could live on their salads! Don't care for the breadsticks or even some of the food-just give me the salad. Can't wait for it to be built and open for business.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oreo Soup

You know your in trouble when Daddy walks into the living room and yells, "I have never in my life seen such a mess!" That's what occured the other night. I was busy gathering laundry, Kordyn was taking a shower, Jason had been outside and had just come in. Landyn, well, he was entertaining himself. With oreos and cups of water, on my living room carpet!! Lucky for him, we are replacing the floors soon.
BTW, it does not come out! Looks like we will be shampooing the carpet this week.

Friday, May 1, 2009


No list of Friday Favorites today. I'm just not in the mood. We have to go to a funeral tomorrow. Some friends of ours (they are actually Jason's parent's friends) have lost their only living son. They lost their youngest one 15 years ago very tragically; Adam was only 47 and apparently died from a heart attack. My heart is sad and I'm just enjoying my boys- You are never guaranteed a tomorrow and I want to just enjoy them. So,I guess they are my favorites this week.

Coming tomorrow: a new recipe; check out my recipe blog ( tomorrow for a wonderful salsa that you will want to make!