Saturday, September 25, 2010

My New Nephew

I finally have a nephew!!!! Kaleb Edward Williams was born Monday, September 20 weighing 7 lbs. 15 oz. He is so cute!! His big sister Maggie is adjusting well to him. Here are some pictures that my parent emailed me. This is my mother, Maggie and Kaleb. There are more on their blog:  ( It's also on the sidebar under: American Baby in Macedonia. He is adorable so you should go look at him!

1st Soccer Game

Today was Landyn's first soccer game. We are on a team that has 5 other kids from Montessori so he and we know everyone. The only boy that doesn't attend Montessori used to but is now at a different school. In the group picture is: Hannah, Alex, Landyn, Win Paul and Ethan.  Clarah Creighton and Quince were calling the Hogs in Fayetteville! Our coach is Ethan's dad, Coach Kris.

Open House at Montessori

Last week, Montessori had their annual Open House where the kids get to work lessons for their parents. Jason and Landyn enjoyed their time together. I was glad that Landyn could show Jason his lessons since I get to see them everyday. He wouldn't show him the reading ones tho! Only the easier carpet ones. And, then Stryker, Landyn's friend came in so it was a great time!

The Fair

The Turner's did the fair thing last night. We went, we petted stinky animals, we looked at more stinky animals, spent alot of $$$, we drank shaken lemonades, we rode rides, we watched crazy people and then we went home. Fun was had by all!
We did have a fun time. Kordyn met some friends and that's why there are no pictures of him. Landyn and I were standing in line for the merry-go-round and looked up to see his friend Stryker! So, we walked around with them and they had a blast riding rides together. Stryker also has a 12 year old brother, Stabler, who rode a few with them. It was a fun time!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I meant to post these pictures from the ASU game last week but never got around to it!

Big Brother, Little Brother!
Tailgating with our church
Howl rode in on a motorcyle. Landyn has a love/hate relationship with Howl. He loves him but only from far away!
Headed for an ASU TOUCHDOWN!!! One of many that night!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


This is my 300th post!!! What have we been up to? Football, soccer, Beth Moore conference, tailgating, ASU football game, Kid and Youth led service. That's quite alot!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Boys of Fall

Love this Kenny Chesney song! Especially since Kordyn is playing football this year! He loves it-don't know why; all they ever do is run into each other, and chase a brown leather ball. At least I don't have girls and have to sit and watch them cheer. Nothing quite like jr hi cheerleaders full of drama:) It's actually pretty funny to watch!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Grandparent's Day

Our boys are blessed with 4 wonderful grandparents: Nana, PaT, Mammie and Peet. Love ya'll! I DO have pictures of all of them-they just aren't on this computer:(

Landyn's Teeth

Landyn got new teeth!!! Scary

Kordyn's First Football Game

Somewhere in this picture on the field is #70-Kordyn Turner. He was fun to watch. Even when not on the field, he would walk up and down the sidelines always watching the game. Some of the players were sitting on the bench, playing around, etc. He is loving the game!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


After watching our nation experience 9/11, I can't help but tear up everytime I hear Alan Jackson's song: Where were you when the world stopped turning?" I will never forget, I was at school and suddenly as parents were bringing their kids in and mentioning a plane crash, I called Jason's parents to ask if they knew what was happening. As I was talking to Peet, the second plane hit and the first tower went down. I remember just being numb the rest of the day. Parents started picking their children up just unsure of what would be happening in our country. I realized that day that I have lived a very sheltered life. There are many people who experience attacks similiar to 9/11 everyday of their life. I am very thankful for America and the many luxuries we have that many will never know of. Makes we stop and be content with what God has given me and my family.

Weekend Fun

We Turners are sooo happy the weekend is finally here! Even though it's been a short week, we have all been sick, it's rained and we are glad for some downtime and rest.

Kordyn left this morning at 6 headed to Six Flags in St. Louis with our chuch youth group. I KNOW he is having a blast and enjoying every minute of the day. We have to pick him up at midnight or 1 am when they return!

Landyn has enjoyed the day being the only child and got to go to Chick Fil A for lunch! And, got to pick a chocolate bar at the grocery store so he is in "heaven". He has recovered from his snot issues thanks to antibiotics:)

Jason is also feeling better-snoring in his chair right now:). He got some good meds and is feeling much better.

I am blogging and trying to figure out how to get out of jury duty next month-my asst teacher will be on maternity leave that month, I have progress reports and conferences so I really can't be out!!! I emailed a friend who is an attorney to get her advice on who to talk to etc. Hoping I can get it changed to maybe November?

That's all. Not a whole lot going on but since this is our scrapbook, wanted to remember what all we did or didn't do today:)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Landyn's tent he made on our lazy day at home.
Eric and Barbara at Brick Oven Pizza
Landyn and Emma at Brick Oven Pizza

We met Eric, Barbara and Emma in Paragould on Saturday night. We love the pizza from Brick Oven! Well, about 1/2 mi from the restaurant, their transmission went out so we ended up having to wait on a tow truck to come from Jonesboro, load it up, take it to their house in Pocahontas and then come back home. So glad we took the van and not our truck! We ended up back at home about 10:30. So we stayed home on Sunday since all of us have colds are were feeling puny!

Bowling Birthday Party for Nick

Landyn's friend Nick had a surprise birthday party at the bowling alley. Landyn loved the bowling! Landyn and Nick were on the same t-ball team, go to school together and we also go to church with him. And, they will be in kindergarten together next year!

Landyn on the playground at school

Landyn loves the playground! He always plays with Stryker, Kolton, Landon T, Win Paul,and Finlay. They like to play with the hula hoops and cars that they climb on.


Landyn loved trying on bubbys helmet last week. Will have pictures of Kordyn's first game as soon as I get them from Mammie and Peet-forgot my camera that night. Tonight's game was rained out.