Wednesday, April 30, 2008

new updates

Okay, so I had really great intentions of posting regularly on here, but life is just too busy!!! Here is what is going on in our lives right now:

Jason: is finally finished with graduate school and will graduate on May 16! He is enjoying relaxing in his new recliner that I bought him for a graduate present. He is going to have to readjust to a real life and I'm not sure how our local library will survive without him sitting at his usual table on Saturday mornings

Rhonda: I am winding down another school year and working on enrollment for summer and fall. I really believe that we just did this!! I had a large class-18 this year and they are wonderful. I am not ready to lose them and am glad that many will stay for most of the summer with me. I just took the last 11 rolls of film, that I have been procrastinating on getting developed, to Sams. I really hope that I will get motivated to be creative and organized and scrapbook more.

Kordyn: is finishing the fourth grade, he is 10 and is a bookworm. I just bough him a 400 pg book yesterday and he finished it today (I think he gets this from me!) He loves the computer and when he was asked for a birthday wish list, he made a wonderful powerpoint to send to his grandparents!

Landyn: is a typical 2 year old. He is really alot of fun! AND is sleeping in his own bed and all night now-it only took him 2 years to do it. He had to have glasses and it is really amazing what he can see and do now! He is loving his school (supposedly he is quiet and well behaved there). He does not like "thinking time" (time outs) and will immediately hug and say I'm sorry when he is able to get up.

This is our updates and I promise to post pics and more information soon!!!