Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday News

What a week! I think my class thinks summer is here and school is over:) too bad we still have a few weeks left:(

Landyn has been busy with t-ball practices. He is really serious but not that interested in running toward the ball and we're working on the throwing. First game is Tues. He is on the Phillies team. He looks so cute in his "attire"-it's too big but we ordered the smallest size. He loves the batting helmet and cleats and wants to wear them everywhere.

Kordyn has been a little ill today but that hasn't stopped him from texting friends and talking on the phone all night! I so impressed that he hasn't had his new cell phone taken away at school for texting:) He had to buy a new book today since he go this allowance today.

Jason is playing softball with our church men's league. Should be a interesting game considering he hasn't played ball since he was about 13! Guess we are going to live at the ball field this summer:)

What have I been up to? Cleaning and organizing. I've been bit by the bug and don't want to stop until my closet is finished! Since it is supposed to rain starting tonight and continue until Sunday night, I am hopeful that I will accomplish this. I love rainy days as long as it's not storming-and it looks like storms tonight!

Guess that's all for now:)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who is this masked man?

It's Jason-ready to mow the lawn! This is his attire to keep from having an allergy attack.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Warning: this is a long post with information you probably aren't interested in but since this is now my scrapbook-I included it anyway:)

Friday: Kordyn had friend over for a post-birthday. We ate dinner @ Hardee's and tried to go bowling but there weren't any lanes open so we opted for mini golf and guess who got a hole in one? Kordyn. Jason ended up winning, I was second, Kordyn third, his friend, Layne fourth and poor Landyn was fifth (there were some holes we would just stop counting after 5). It was a beautiful night, cool and no mosquitos!

Saturday: cleaned up the house, started the 6 loads of laundry, cooked ugly biscuits for breakfast (on my recipe blog), bought 23 boxes of porcelan tile for the kitchen and master bath, Wal-mart shopping, Hibbett sports and grilled out for dinner. Jason and I started watching a CSI we had DVR'd but we fell asleep about 10 min into it and slept until midnight and then went to bed-I'm starting to feel old when I do that:)

Sunday: I have Children's Building security this month which means I open up the building, check names off as the kids enter and sit in the front foyer in case anyone comes up and needs anything. We ate lunch at a new mexican restaurant, El Puente, Jason and Landyn went to Pocahontas to pick up a weedeater, Kordyn and I ran by Old Navy and then we headed home to pick up the house and me to nap, Kordyn to read. Tonight at church, we are having board elections and the children are playing "Are you smarter than a quizzer?" with several adults. Kordyn was on the quizzing team so he will be competing. Jason was nominated for the church board and I was nominated for the Sunday School board. Not sure what all this entails-guess we'll find out soon.

Can it really be Monday tomorrow? I need another weekend day!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kordyn's 12th birthday

We ate lunch at Fuji's Japanese Steakhouse for lunch and then went to Mamie and Peet's house for cake and ice cream. We had 16 people for lunch: Kordyn, Landyn, Mom, Dad, Nana, PaT, Mamie, Peet, Granny, Aunt Barbara, Uncle Bucko, Emma, Nanny Turner, Papaw Turner, Kordyn's great aunt and uncle, Lana and Kenneth (Peet's sister from Nashville). We took up 2 grill tables at the restaurant. Yummy!!!! After army cake and ice cream and opening presents (he got lego sets, money, wii game, books and he is getting a cell phone since he is going to jr. high next year) we played a little game of t-ball! Fun day was enjoyed by all!

The past week

Finally got the pictures and posts about Easter stuff up. After recovering from the migraine, I cut my finger cutting raw chicken on Tuesday night and had to go to the doctor to get it glued back together, a tetanus shot and apparently an antibiotic since I was sick (had a fever and throat infection when I was there). Do you know how much you use your fingers? It's really hard to not bend your middle finger so the glue came off on Wednesday. Butterfly strips are wonderful inventions!! My cut is still a little open so I'm just using neosporin on it and covering it when I shower and get ready in the am. Hope it doesn't get infected though. Didn't take a picture because it looks really gross! I wouldn't have gone to the dr but since I was cutting raw chicken, I didn't want to take a chance on losing a finger:)

Easter Sunday

Here is our annual Easter picture of the boys. It was really difficult to get a good one with them both smiling and I was laughing sooo hard that most of them are blurry, but oh well, I tried!


Our neighbor's dog had 8 puppies and the boys are in love! (They think they are going to sweet talk Jason into 2 of them) They are really sweet but they poop, pee and eat so we aren't interested:)

Egg Dyeing

We dyed easter eggs Saturday night. We used a spin egg thingy that really didn't work very well so then we just dunked them in food coloring mixed with vinegar. They liked the "emu" egg the best.

Easter Eggstravaganza

Our church had an Easter celebration for the kids. We grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and all the trimmings. There was an egg hunt (that I was in charge of), train rides, jump things, and an egg toss. We also had a Bible storytime to teach the real meaning of Easter. We had alot of visitors and the kids seemed to really enjoy it.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Will be posting our Easter pictures tomorrow because I have a miagraine headache and am going to bed soon. Stay tuned for a pic of the 2 most handsome boys you have ever seen!