Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well, we are on our way to the doctor. Landyn has spots on his throat and complaining his mouth hurts. Hummmm.....wonder what that means?? Probably strep throat. Hasn't run any fever. I just thought he was cranky because he had a flu shot on Thurs and sometimes that makes you feel icky for a day or two. We'll see. Hate for him to be sick and miss tonight!

UPDATED: no strep, just a viral infection; he's fine unless he is running a fever. Yeah!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


See those cute, round metal things with glass in them to help you see better, well, they are missing! Landyn put them somewhere and "He has no idea where they are!". Guess we are lucky because this is the first time he's lost them and he's had them for 1 1/2 years. Guess a new pair are in the near future. There goes $250.00!

UPDATED: found them after looking for over 12 hours! In Jason's underwear drawer. Why? We have no idea; he has no idea-gotta love 3 yr olds!


We've had a great weekend so far; except that I'm sick, had to go to the dr and am awake at 3:45 in the morning!
My dad came to visit us-and to shoot bows with the guys. Wish I had gotten pictures of all of them shooting but I laid back down because I'm sick. My mom is in Macedonia loving on my niece! Wish I was living on her too! She's growing up and I haven't even gotten to see her yet. Will have to wait until next July when they come home to visit.
Hate being sick!! I have a sinus infection and bronchitis. Fun fun fun!!! Can't sleep because cough med wore off-took more-hoping it kicks back in.

Here is Pa T with the boys!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We had Kordyn's conference with his teachers today. He's got A's, they love him, thinks he's a genius, one of a kind and love his reading and writing. It was so fun to sit in that meeting!!!! He is such a fun kid! This is his best friend, Layne. They are so funny when together.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Working Man

Landyn picked out his own clothes today and proceeded to announce that he was a working man who is a fireman who rides bikes. Wow! Love the backwards bike helmet! (That's his fireman hat!)

It's addictive

Well, it's happened, Jason bought a new bow. He loves archery but when he started grad school, he sold his bow so he wouldn't be tempted and he could study, etc. Now, he addicted again! He reads books on it, goes on bow forums, watches dvds, works on finding the perfect arrow (he says he's finally found the one!)

But, the best part? the boys are also enjoying shooting their bows with him!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Stuff

What a wonderful day: gloomy outside, cool outside-it's FALL!!!! I love it. Would love it more if I hadn't have woken up at 2 am with a stomach bug! But I guess I needed this extra rest I've gotten today. Funny thing is-we haven't had a stomach thing going around, just flu. And, when I say flu, I mean: 3 in my class of 10, at least 4 other 4 yr olds, about 13 or 14 (I lost count) in Landyn's class.I'm praying he doesn't get it but if he doesn't, I will be really surprised, they've sent 1 or 2 home daily this past week.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday, a Day of Rest

Even though we've had tooooo much rain-I was so excited to see it this am. Love taking a Sunday nap with it raining outside!

We had a great worship service this am, followed by communion, lunch at a friend's house, and now home for a nap! What a great day! By the way, this is what I found a few weeks ago when it was time to wake everyone up to go back to church:

Those are batteries that Landyn is holding-you never know when you'll need an extra set!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Stuff

I LOVE Saturdays!! Landyn slept in until 8! After breakfast, I cleaned up the house, gathered laundry, made Kordyn a list of chores, made Landyn put on clothes since he was going outside, cooked lunch, and now, I'm off to Hobby Lobby. Need ribbon to finish off my fall decorations! Then, it's time to cook: McAlister's Deli Chicken Tortilla Soup! (recipe will be on my recipe blog later) And, lastly, 6:30 it's Hog Time!!!! We've got to beat the Aggies! (Sorry, Amy)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Great report

Landyn got a great report from the dr yesterday. He is a candidate for the catheter procedure and we will wait for him to get bigger and about age 7 or 8 before the surgery. Landyn was not very thrilled for them to be touching him but they did not have to sedate him so we were happy. And, he got to go pick out a toy for letting them do the echo.
After we finished the test, we ate lunch at Juanita's-one of our favorite places! We were glad to get home last night!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dr. Visit

We are in Little Rock today for Landyn's annual cardio checkup. Today, they are supposed to do an EKG and Echo to see if the hole in his heart has closed or if there are any changes. Our prayer is that if there is no change they will be able to do the catheter procedure. We should know something later today. Then, we'll schedule the surgery for sometime between ages 4 and 5 (He'll be 4 in December).

Hoping I can sweet talk my husband to letting me visit Michaels on our way home today!!! Need some more fall stuff!!!Fingers crossed!!