Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Favorites

Here is this week's list:
1. My job-I really love my job. Somedays more than others, but I really like it. Yesterday and today I met with parents during conferences. I like to talk to them especially when it is a positive conversation, not negative! (and I was doing just a little P R for my kindergarten class next year)

2. Bestest friends-I love my friends. (Yes, I know this is not a real word, but I like to say it!) I am blessed with friends who text, email and even sometimes we get together to talk, eat and shop.

3. Sleep-I am needing me some serious sleep tonight! I am still having issues with insomnia and it is beginning to drive me crazy! I know I should probably cut down on the caffeine to help this, but I'm not into going through withdrawals.

Off to snooze on the couch!

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