Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Stuff

We had a very productive day!
First, we went out to breakfast @ Couchs (wonderful but too much food)
Then, we got Jason and Landyn's haircuts (Kordyn spent last night with a friend)
Got the propane tank filled, met Jason's parents at O'Charleys and watched them eat (we were still sooo full), Wal-Mart (next time we decide to go there on a Saturday, somebody please admit me!), picked Kordyn up, went to grocery store (only buy meat at Kroger, Hays or W & O which is now Harps), Subway because we were now hungry for lupper (lunch and supper) and then headed home for Jason to work on his traps since the season opens next Saturday.

Then, I started on Landyn's room and closet. I sent him outside to "work" with Jason and I managed to fill 4 garbage bags and a ride on toy and put them in my van before he knew what I was doing!! YEAH!! Now his room is so organized and clean. I did Kordyn's a few weeks ago so now, it's just mine and Jasons left and then, my entire house has been cleaned out and re-organized. Now, I just have 5 loads of laundry to do. Fun fun!

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