Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello, weekend

I am sooo glad that it is Saturday! Got to sleep in til 7:30 this morning (that's late since I have a 4 year old!) ready to get my messy house cleaned up a little, do a little laundry and then go eat at Uncle Bucko, Aunt Barbara and Emma's house tonight for a cookout. Landyn will be so surprised when we get there and he gets to play in their creek!

Yesterday was my kindergarten class' end of the year party. It was fun. The parents gave me a Spa gift certificate-massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. And, they made me a Shutterfly book from the kids with pictures. Each child had a 2 page spread and said why they liked me, school, etc. It was soo great. I sat down last night and read it. They crack me up!!! We took them to lunch at the Jonesboro Country Club then we went to one of the girl's houses and had a water play party. This is a picture of the group posing. They are great group and I will miss them sooo much!!!

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