Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Since last Friday, I have been a SAHM until July 19. It's only been a few days and I'm now remembering why I like to work:) LOVE MY BOYS!!!! But I am a much better wife and mother when I work. And, my house stays much cleaner and the laundry doesn't pile up. I have enjoyed the time with K & L. We've just hung out at home and lounged around since I've had 2 really bad headache days and Kordyn had his friend Layne over to stay for a few days.

Today, however, we went to lunch @ McAlisters. Yummy! And then to the library to return some books and get new ones. We were trying to get Landyn to pick out a book when I got a text that our old neighbors were going to run by our house and check their mail and were going to show off their 2 day old son they adopted. He is precious!!! Welcome baby Dawson! So good to see Brittany and Ashley just sad they moved but we will continue to keep in touch.

Now, it's onto more laundry!! Wish the laundry fairy would drop by and visit me today! Oh, and also to watch Imagination Movers and Super Why!

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