Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Rapunzel Party

One of Landyn's friends at school is Audrey and she had an awesome party last night! Yes, that is Rapunzel helping to cut the cake! She was awesome: she sang a song to the kids, read a book, played a game and helped with presents.
 After all that, we went outside and lit paper lanterns to let fly just like they did in the Rapunzel movie. It was a little windy so only one did well, the other one caught on fire and had to be stomped out.

 And, it flew!!!

 The best thing, according to Landyn, were the glow sticks!! He made a big circle with his and had to sleep with them beside him hanging up so he could see them!
I'm thinking about hiring Candyce for our next party, she will do anything! And the kids loved her!

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