Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Yes, I know I haven't even posted Easter pictures yet, but it's been a little crazy here with our weather for the past week and half: tornadoes, flooding, rain, rain and rain. I am so sick of turning on the tv to hear or see: the color red (with purple for the worst part of the storm), hearing the words: safe spot, seeing Ryan Vaughn, our local weatherman (who we love but wish he hasn't had to spend time away from his family to keep us safe!!) and always watching the lower left corner of the tv to see how much time we have before the next round hits!! So, since Friday it was a little better, I DVR'd the Royal Wedding, thinking I would stay up and watch the entire thing. Well, our former neighbors called with free tickets to the circus, so, we all went and had a blast. I will post all these missing pictures soon. But, more weather is on the way this week and more flooding, so it may be awhile before I can get internet again.

But, here's the couple!!!
 He is adorable and she is beautiful!! Love her dress and he looks so handsome in his "Irish" uniform. And, here is the Queen. She looks wonderful to be about 85 (I think!)
Love the pomp and circumstance that goes along with the Royal weddings!!! Loved the carriages and cars they rode in to and from the ceremony.

In honor of the wedding on Friday, my class and I talked in British accents as we played Bingo. One of my kids in my class, her dad is British so she was our expert on whether we were saying the words correctly or not:)

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