Saturday, October 15, 2011

Found some pictures....

When I hooked up my point and shoot camera to the computer to download some pictures, I found some that I hadn't posted yet. Here is Landyn, who needed a haircut!, making a silly face one day at school.

This is Landyn's kindergarten class. Boys l to r: Wyatt, Luke, Nick, Landyn, Clay, Jude, Ian and Kolton
Girls: l to r: Angela, Hannah, Clarah Creighton, Charley Claire, Lauren and Laney.

 Show and Tell: Landyn drew a map of his room with Daddy and brought it to share with the class.
 Another football pic, this time in the "gold pants"! Looking good #70!!!!
 Landyn making the life cycle of an apple
 Nana found her guitar that she bought when she was a little girl and gave it to Landyn. He is in heaven!!! He's been talking about learning how to play so we are going to try lessons starting next week!
 Daddy came for lunch one day at school.
 Mr. Poser with his "all about a leaf" page!
 Landyn and Daddy at Open House, where Landyn got to show Daddy the lessons he works at school.

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