Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Kordyn and Landyn had a blast Friday on Halloween. Layne, Kordyn's best friend, came home from school with us and spent the night. We got dressed and went to Mamie and Peet's house for dinner (the annual chili and hot dogs meal!) Then we went to Temple Baptist. That is an awesome church! They do a wonderful job and I love that they give out a story paper in every themed room.
After that, we returned to Mamie and Peet's neighborhood and took all the kids (Kordyn, Layne, his sister Natalie and Landyn) trick or treating. Kordyn was trick, Layne was treat (just look at their wonderfully made shirts-awesome paint job, if I do say so myself!), Natalie was a superstar, and Landyn was Mickey Mouse.
After all of the gathering of candy, we just had to get a picture of the LOOT!!!

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