Sunday, September 27, 2009


Never fails, when you have big plans for a day, that a kid gets sick. Landyn has a stuffy nose today so I kept him home from church-just in case. He has no fever, just a stuffed nose. We are surprising him tonight and taking him to see Disney Playhouse at the Convocation Center; so we want him to rest and get a good nap. He will be so excited to see Handy Manny-he loves anything with tools (and guitars, trucks, cars, etc)This picture tells all!

Also, he has his yearly cardio appointment Thursday at AR Children's Hospital in Little Rock. Really need to not be sick for this appt. They will be doing an EKG and Echo to check for progress on the hole in his heart closing on it's own. So far, there hasn't been any changes. But we believe in miracles, you know! Dr. Best has said since he was 12 mo old that he believes he will be a candidate for the catheter procedure and not have to have open heart surgery. We're praying this is still the route he will take if surgery is indeed needed.

Will post Disney pics tomorrow!

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