Saturday, December 18, 2010

Landyn's 5th birthday party

Landyn had his party at our church's gym. He invited 38 kids and asked them to wear their favorite team's jersey! He had about 21 friends that were able to come-the rest had that lovely stomach virus that the rest of Jonesboro has had!

 Ms. Nikki made his cakes and cupcakes. She is one of his favorite people!
 The football cupcake cake
 The soccer cupcake cake
 The baseball and basketball cupcakes
 The "Team"
 Singing Happy Birthday to Landyn
 And let the eating begin!
 Opening presents
 The kids made Christmas ornaments
 And we played several games with balloons and cotton balls.
Great party, but we were all exhausted when it was over! I had several parents try to hire me to do their kids parties but I assured them that they cannot afford me:)

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