Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Parade, 2010

Or aka....the night the horses pooped in Jboro!

 Walking the 3 blocks to Main St. We got smart this year and watched from the beginning of the parade instead of the middle or end!
 The Arkansas concrete truck.
 Howl; it's a bad picture but Landyn loves Howl!!
 All bundled up so we wouldn't freeze-although it was much cooler this year than previous ones!
The peeps that stepped in the horse poop!
 Another up close of Howl
A cool truck that was lit up.

The best entertainment for us was watching the 3 groups of horses go by, leave some "smoking" poop and then watch the group behind them step in it! Everyone by us was cracking up laughing. Made it a fun night! Then, we headed to McDonald's for our annual ice cream and hot chocolate!

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