Friday, January 15, 2010

Mr. Mom

Guess who's been Mr. Mom this week? I think he's decided that being both me and him is really hard.
I have survived the stomach virus. Went to the dr: it was not the flu or appendicitus just plain old stomach virus, but it lasted for 3 days!!!! Such fun! Came home early Tuesday and stayed home Wed and Thurs. So glad to be back at school today.

Friday Favorites:
1. The sun: we had a 50 degree day today. So nice to see the sun and be able to go out to the playground.
2. Karen Kingsbury books: she is a wonderful author the only problem is that you get so into the books that you stay up to 2 in the morning reading them:)
3. I would say real food but haven't had any since, well, Monday night. I've only eaten jello, crackers, banana, and popsicles. Gatorade is also the the nastiest drink I've ever drank, btw.

That's all. I've used up all of the energy and now it's time to rest on the couch. Night all!!

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