Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend in Review

photo 1: Landyn being Bob the Builder (with too short overalls that are an 18mo size)
photo 2: letter sounds a & b; however, 3 min into working on them, Landyn informed me that I wasn't the teacher! Not sure how this is going to work out

Here's our weekend run-down:
Fri-Kordyn had friend over, ate dinner at Pizza Chef with Amy, Shawn and Ethan before the husbands deserted us for the weekend to head to the hills to trap and goof off.
Sat-cleaned out Landyn's room and closet, my room and closet, napped and then met Amy and Ethan for dinner, went with them to Lifeway and then to Sams. I stayed up late to watch shows I'd dvr'd last week.
Sun-Landyn did not sleep well-had a stuffy nose so we stayed home in the morning to make sure he wasn't getting sick, cooked our fav lunch we eat when Jason is gone: Chef Boyardee boxed pizza, Landyn played Bob the Builder, napped again, got ready for church, ate dinner at Zaxbys and then got boys in bed early. I however, could not sleep. Wonder if I napped too much this weekend???
Don't think I will have any problems sleeping tonight. We are dinner at our new Olive Garden and I'm ready for bed right now!

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