Thursday, January 20, 2011

A night of Bowling

We went out to eat with our friends the Gibsons for Mexican food!! Then we hit the bowling alley. This is Landyn's best friend, Stryker. He is soo cute!!
 Ethan and Jake were both in my kindergarten class last year. We also go to church with Jake's family.
 Kordyn and his friend, Clay.
who thought they were too cool to bowl so they played with their phones. 
 My friend, Amy
 I was really proud of my spare!!
 Kordyn was really sore from football off-season practice so he would only drop the ball not bend over to guide it-it was really funny to watch!
 The "little"boys!
 Shawn's score! So glad we bowled with him-he made my score look really good!
What great friends we have! We can always count on them for a Mexican fix!!

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