Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saying Goodbye

We met my family in Searcy for dinner tonight and to say goodbye to Jeff, Amy, Maggie and Kaleb. They will be leaving to go back to Macedonia on January 15th. It was so hard to say goodbye because it will be about 3 years before we see them again! It makes me so sad to think that we will miss so much of the kids "younger years".

 This is my brother Jeff and his gorgeous wife: Amy. (Am I forgiven for the previous bad pics I put on my blog of you, Amy?) The restaurant was so dark that I had a difficult time getting a brighter picture.
 The "Williams" Grandkids, unless Jeff and Amy add to the mix because there will be no more "Turners" to add!!! Kordyn- 12 1/2 yrs, Kaleb-3 mo, Landyn- 5yrs, Maggie-19 mo.
 And look who drove them home??? She even knew to push buttons when she got in the drivers seat!!
I will definitely have to keep up this blog better:) We love you guys!!

Btw, their blogs are listed on my favorite blogs to the right: American Baby in Macedonia (all about the kids) and Jeff and Amy Williams (about their ministry in Prilep, Macedonia).

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Sara Bell said...

Why no more "Turners"??????

haha j/k Miss you! Happy New Year!