Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve!

Happy New year!! On Ali Edwards blog (see right side toward bottom of list), she has asked for everyone to pick a word for 2009. My comment:
I believe I will choose "STOP" as my word for 2009. Stop and appreciate my family more, stop and enjoy the simple things in life, stop and be content and just love my life the way it is.

It is open until sometime tomorrow if you are interested.

We finally made it back from our trip down South. We had a good time visiting with family. My grandmother is not doing well and it was really great to visit and see her. (She was given 4-6 weeks to live in Sept. 2007; she has breast cancer and it has spread into her lungs-really all over.)
So, what are you doing this evening to ring in the New Year? I am going to bed early! I've had a wiggle worm sleeping with me since we were gone out of town!!

New blog release date: January 1, 2009

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