Saturday, May 23, 2009

I survived the week!

Here are the plant pics I never posted! It tried to turn the first pic but it wouldn't do it??

This was my "CRAZY" week. School-wide picnic on Wednesday, Kindergarten graduation on Thursday, Graduation lunch @ the Jonesboro Country Club and swim party on Friday. And, we had to practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for graduation! Would have practiced on Monday, but seeing as how I talked on the phone all day to calm parents down from panicing that we had a child with FLU, we did not get to practice. Then, to top it off, Thursday, I started feeling bad and by graduation time that evening, I had a little fever and went ahead and started an antibiotic. Today, I finally started feeling better-just a sinus infection, but Kordyn also has it. Guess Landyn and Jason are next. Looking forward to a lazy day on Monday!!!

I'm trying to figure out how to post a funny video I made of Landyn dancing to American Idol last week. We were starting to worry about him: last week, he wanted to be Mickey Mouse when he grew up, then after the Redbirds game last Fri, he decided that he wanted to be a Redbird ball player. Well, after watching Kiss perform on American Idol, he wanted to be in the bass band and wear white and black on his face and stick his tongue out!! But, now he's on to wanting to be Bob, the Builder! (since daddy bought him a carpenter's apron today at Sears). Guess he won't need any therapy from Daddy!

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Sara and Ryan Bell said...

Love the flowers. How is everything going? You guys look like you have been busy!!! Hope all is well!