Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekend Fun

Last night (Friday) we went to a Memphis Redbird game. We had a blast. Kordyn was very serious with watching everything going on. Landyn was so excited and kept yelling, Go, ball team, go!! We had to make a stop at the gift shop and pick up a few things (baseball cards, helmet and ball and bat). And, I even got to eat ball-game nachos! We got home about 11 but it took until much later for Landyn to settle down and go to sleep! I will post pics tomorrow.

This morning, a friend of mine and my mil (Karla) got up early and went to Hoxie to Taylor's Greenhouse to buy plants. They have 11 greenhouses to shop in and much more around their shop buildings. I got several things to make container gardens. I have already made one trip to Lowe's and planted several things, but needed more to finish it up. Then, in between raindrops, I planted all of my wonderful plants and now I am so happy with my yard!!! Jason and I moved a holly tree, juniper bush, and trimmed all of the bushes out front. Just need knockout roses for the back of the house and I will be finished! I think I used muscles that have never been used before. We went into town and ate dinner (in the van) at 8 pm. We were very dirty, hungry and tired people.

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