Saturday, May 30, 2009

Catch up

What a week! School is over, much to Kordyn's disapointment-he wants to keep going just so he can play with friends. I am ready for some summer fun even though I still work 4 days a week in the summer-it just feels more relaxed!

We have one of those busy saturdays today: Jason has some mole yard work to check on (he has an animal damage control business on the side: moles, squirrels, raccoon, etc) Then he has a funeral at 1; I have a baby shower @ 2, grocery shopping, clothes shopping for Kordyn and then packing him to go to Little Rock for a week. He goes to my parents church's camp every June. Sometime in there, we are having a cookout so we can use our patio table and new umbrella! And, I also have a massive amount of laundry to do so that I can pack Kordyn's stuff. We'll meet my parents in Searcy tomorrow afternoon to drop him off. I'm thinking Landyn is going to figure this out this year that HE doesn't get to go. He'll have a special time with them later in June. They are still recupperating from their trip to Macedonia.

I'm working on posting new recipes, watch for them later this week.

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CoveredInCrafts said...

I can't believe how fast this school year went by... Wow... Anyway I really enjoyed reading your blog!