Monday, June 8, 2009

On June 8,1996, 13 years ago...

Jason and I were married. In Dewitt, Ar, very, very, very small town somewhere in south Arkansas. Funny thing, we've never set foot in that church since. My parents moved to Bryant a month after we got married. It was a beautiful church, sorry no pictures of the wedding, just one very goofy one we took sometime when we were being funny.

Yestarday, we welcomed a new member of our family: Louis Alexander Bluefin, aka as LuLu, the betta fish. Kordyn gave him his full name, but Landyn insists on calling him LuLu. We tried to tell him that it was a he, but he was very determined to call him LuLu. So, we now have a male fish named LuLu. I reminded Kordyn about his dog we used to have that he named, Brick!

We went out to eat in honor of our anniversary, to Chili's! YUM!! And then to WalMart. What a romantic evening!

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