Wednesday, June 3, 2009

His dream came true

Jason's dream came true-he got selected for jury duty! He reported today but wasn't chosen and has to report back in 2 weeks. He was so bummed; he really wanted to be on a trial. Can we say weird??? I never returned the yellow card inquiring if I still live at our address- I was afraid that was why they sent it; I don't have time for jury duty!!June is almost as busy as August.

Kordyn is loving Camp Jam!! He finishes up on Friday.
Landyn is sick and had to go visit Dr. W Skaug today. He loves to see him; Dr.Skaug is so good with Landyn. He has a sinus infection and a little fever-he also has laryngitis and it sounds so funny from a 3 year old.

Happy Belated Birthday to my brother, Jeff Williams! He was 32 on Monday, June 1. (I haven't had time to blog until today).

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