Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Favorites

Since I haven't posted any favorites in a while, here goes:

1. Playlist-I've been working on this list for several weeks, but finally had time this afternoon to figure out how to post it!

2. Crystal Light Instant drink mix powder thingies- not sure what their exact title is, but it helps when I get tired of just plain water! Raspberry lemonade and peach tea are my favorites!

3. Homemade pizzas- Kordyn has his friend spending the night and I thought making their own pizzas would be fun. Landyn loves to help in the kitchen; then I get to clean up the mess, but it's fun.

4. Rainy days-but only when I have nowhere to go. I love it when it starts to cloud over and then we get a rain shower. Don't like tornadoes, but love to listen to the rain and the smell is even better.

5. Library books-I've wanted the buy several cookbooks, but am just too cheap to buy them. So, I looked them up at the library and they were there! Gotta love a great use of our tax dollars!

6. DVR- How did I live without this???? I don't even worry about watching my favorite shows anymore. Sunday afternoon during Landyn's nap time, I get caught up! Or, late at night (like before 10; not REAL late because I'm old and have to have 8 hours of sleep everynight) when their is not a thing on tv, I get to watch my favorite shows!

7. Polka-dots- enough said. I've been painting them on some dishes that I picked up at a flea market and yard sales this past weekend. Love paint markers and chalkboard paint.

That's all, folks. Wow! Seven favorites. Stay tuned for a new recipe as soon as I try it!

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