Sunday, July 12, 2009

What an exciting day!

Warning: this is quite a long story!
We started out our Saturday with "yard jobs". We have had this HUGE pile of tree limbs, trunks, and junks that needed to be burned since the ice storm back in January but it was too green and wet and wouldn't burn so we waited until it was the dry summer to try again. (and we got some old tires to help) As it burned, we watched carefully and sprayed the ground all around it and the shop the was nearby. We were so careful. It died down until it was just the coals left so we thought it would be fine. But....

If you live in NE Arkansas, you know we had a storm last night. Well,about 11:30 we lost electricity, both boys got up because the wind was so loud and we got out Jason's collection of flashlights and I lit candles. Jason went to the back door to look out and saw my umbrella go flying across the yard and as we watched it, he noticed that the coals where we had burned earlier had been stirred back up due to the wind and sparks were flying out everywhere. He took off outside, hooked back up all 3 water hoses and headed out to water it down-I stood at the door and shined his high-powered flashlight for him. About that time, my cell phone started ringing. I figured it was his mom and dad letting us know that there was a tornado warning, but it was our neighbor. Her husband had seen the "headlights" flashing all around our yard and thought we might need help so he had her call to check on us. He was so nice to come down and drive up close and shine his headlights for Jason and helped him put out the fire. It even blew a shutter off of our house and knocked over several plants that were heavy!

BTW, yesterday morning,when Landyn heard what we were going to do, he ran and got on his fireman clothes! He loves all things related to fire. We have to keep a close eye on him when candles are lit; he blows them out!

Needless to say, it was after 1:30 before anyone settled back down for bed, but it was really starting to get hot in our house by then. About 2:30, the electricity came back on. Now, aren't you glad to know all about our crazy evening?

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