Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday night

Landyn had a birthday party at Chuck e Cheese last Sunday. It was wild!! His friend Stryker turned 4. They are so cute together. The picture at the table is of Kolton, Landyn and Stryker is looking at the cake! They are all in the same class and the same age, within 1 month of each other.

While Jason and Kordyn had their evening of fun, Landyn and I went on a surprise date! I asked Landyn where he wanted to go eat-usually it's "chick-a-la" or Fat City. But I started mentioning other restaurants, Colton's won. But, only because you can throw the peanuts on the floor! We had the pleasant opportunity to sit by the "meth family" while waiting for our table. They were loud, parents had no teeth, and the kids were running around everywhere and then, the baby had projectile pucking/coughing episode. It was lovely. Landyn looked up at me and just said, they are weird. Luckily, they didn't hear him the others did and they all agreed! After eating steak (tips for Landyn), we went to rent a movie. Then, we watched Backyardigans for 2 hours. 2 HOURS!!!! I think it was worse than having to watch Barney!!! Jason and Kordyn went to the new Percy Jackson movie. Then to eat dinner. Fun night was had by all.

Today, we are going to Searcy to meet my parents for dinner. And to give my dad a bobcat that Jason caught. He's going to get it stuffed. Just for the record, we will NOT be taking my van-no dead animals are allowed in there.

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