Sunday, February 28, 2010

2 posts in one and a new recipe

First, this is Landyn sleeping when he was sick. He NEVER!!! has climbed up in the recliner and gone to sleep. That's how we new he was really sick.
The next 2 photos are from a Spa Night I was invited to. I didn't know we were going to have to take our makeup off! I needed to go grocery shopping afterwards so I know I looked really bad! Plus, I'd had a bad hair day and ended up just pulling it all back in a clip. We were exfoliating our lips and they were all white. We laughed so much at each other!

And, I just posted a new recipe on my recipe blog:

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Sara Bell said...

Girl First of all, you always would say you were having a bad hair day and your hair NEVER looked bad! I always loved you hair, and second of all I miss you! I miss our talks, laughs, and much much more! I am hopefully coming on Monday. Lola is getting her pictures made that day at 11... What are your plans? And last, you guys need to take some vitamins and you need to sleep more! I think of you often and wonder how you ever functioned on the amount of sleep you used to get... You amaze me! Hope to hear back from you! Have a good day!