Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break week in review

Monday-I had to go to school to work on summer/fall enrollment. Worked upstairs on it from 8:30 to 3:00. But the good news is that we got a lot done on it. Kordyn hung out at Mamie and Peet's house for the day. Landyn went to school. Jason went to work.

Tuesday- I went to school for half a day: work on some kindergarten stuff and observe the teacher I'm mentoring then left at noon. Kordyn worked with Mamie and Peet while Landyn and I came home for a nap. Jason went to work.

Wednesday- Slept into 8:00! did laundry, read and finished a book, started another one. cooked roast, potatoes and carrots for dinner (in the crock pot:)Jason went to work.

Thursday-it rained all day! Love the rain when I don't have to go out in it. We hung out at home. Jason went to work and the dr for his sinus infection. Landyn went to the Nickelodeon live show with Mr and Mrs Way and their grandaughter Bailey. We went out to eat with Kordyn at our new Fazolis. I read another book

Friday-so far, we've only slept in to 8:00, so we haven't accomplished very much except some laundry.

Love a slow week!!

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Anonymous said...

This is our first day of Spring Break and I am so loving not have to get everyone out the door 3 times for school runs! (I have a kindergartener and first grader). I wish I read more! I love books, I just never make time for them.