Friday, March 5, 2010

The week

Well, all are well finally at our house. Well, except Jason. He was having chest pains and his left arm was hurting so he went to the dr this am. No heart problems-it's esophagitis-basically reflux. So, maybe now he'll join my no soda club. I have felt so much better since I'm not drinking soda regularly. I actually drank one today and didn't even think it tasted very good. Bet he would feel much better!!
Tomorrow, we are going to Who Dats in Bald Knob for dinner with our friends Amy and Shawn Gibson. Fun and laughter will be had by all:)

Landyn had a birthday party tonight for his friend Ethan. It was at Pump It Up. I couldn't believe that he actually played on the bouncy things-he had never wanted to play on those when we've been around them-just too scared. He is growing up tooo fast! He had a lot of fun and is wore out now, but he hurt his foot and still limping around. Guess we'll be going to have it looked at if he doesn't start using it tomorrow.

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