Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Favorites

You'll be little disapointed with this week's list:

1. spell checker- use word for spell check everytime I'm not sure how to spell a word. Will not confess what word I looked up today-let's just say that it was a rainy gloomy Friday and my brain was already on weekend time:)

2. The Wii- great entertainment for all ages. We just limit the time to 30min a day but the boys don't really use it except on Friday and Saturdays.

3. Black grapes-love those sweet guys

4. The chat feature on facebook. Just chatted with my friend April and we're planning a night out in Memphis to see Cats. It's in July but planning is a good thing, ya know? (Hi, April:)

5. Large unsweet tea with lemon and sweet and low-new sonic order since I gave up sodas. Sometimes I need a little caffeine.

That's all. Told ya you'd be dissapointed. I'm just really tired and have yawned all day. Trying to convince Landyn it's bedtime but he is really wound up-Kordyn has a friend over and they are playing the Wii.

****Just got a text from Jason (he's in Stuttgart this weekend trapping) I was asking him about going to see Cats. He wanted to know what a cat in Memphis is? I need to get him out more! Maybe I should bribe him with dinner before!

******I used the spell checker on this so there are no spelling errors. Gotta love technology:)

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