Sunday, April 18, 2010


Warning: this is a long post with information you probably aren't interested in but since this is now my scrapbook-I included it anyway:)

Friday: Kordyn had friend over for a post-birthday. We ate dinner @ Hardee's and tried to go bowling but there weren't any lanes open so we opted for mini golf and guess who got a hole in one? Kordyn. Jason ended up winning, I was second, Kordyn third, his friend, Layne fourth and poor Landyn was fifth (there were some holes we would just stop counting after 5). It was a beautiful night, cool and no mosquitos!

Saturday: cleaned up the house, started the 6 loads of laundry, cooked ugly biscuits for breakfast (on my recipe blog), bought 23 boxes of porcelan tile for the kitchen and master bath, Wal-mart shopping, Hibbett sports and grilled out for dinner. Jason and I started watching a CSI we had DVR'd but we fell asleep about 10 min into it and slept until midnight and then went to bed-I'm starting to feel old when I do that:)

Sunday: I have Children's Building security this month which means I open up the building, check names off as the kids enter and sit in the front foyer in case anyone comes up and needs anything. We ate lunch at a new mexican restaurant, El Puente, Jason and Landyn went to Pocahontas to pick up a weedeater, Kordyn and I ran by Old Navy and then we headed home to pick up the house and me to nap, Kordyn to read. Tonight at church, we are having board elections and the children are playing "Are you smarter than a quizzer?" with several adults. Kordyn was on the quizzing team so he will be competing. Jason was nominated for the church board and I was nominated for the Sunday School board. Not sure what all this entails-guess we'll find out soon.

Can it really be Monday tomorrow? I need another weekend day!!

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