Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday News

What a week! I think my class thinks summer is here and school is over:) too bad we still have a few weeks left:(

Landyn has been busy with t-ball practices. He is really serious but not that interested in running toward the ball and we're working on the throwing. First game is Tues. He is on the Phillies team. He looks so cute in his "attire"-it's too big but we ordered the smallest size. He loves the batting helmet and cleats and wants to wear them everywhere.

Kordyn has been a little ill today but that hasn't stopped him from texting friends and talking on the phone all night! I so impressed that he hasn't had his new cell phone taken away at school for texting:) He had to buy a new book today since he go this allowance today.

Jason is playing softball with our church men's league. Should be a interesting game considering he hasn't played ball since he was about 13! Guess we are going to live at the ball field this summer:)

What have I been up to? Cleaning and organizing. I've been bit by the bug and don't want to stop until my closet is finished! Since it is supposed to rain starting tonight and continue until Sunday night, I am hopeful that I will accomplish this. I love rainy days as long as it's not storming-and it looks like storms tonight!

Guess that's all for now:)

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