Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our weekend

This has been a great weekend so far. Friday, after cleaning up the house so that our termite inspector could come, I picked up Kordyn's best friend, Layne, so he could spend the weekend with us. (his mother delivered his twin brothers last Tuesday @28 wks and they are in Arkansas Children's Hospital in stable but serious condition). We went to Paragould to meet Jason's family at Brick Oven Pizza. Barbara and I ordered the Mediterranean Pizza and it was wonderful!

Saturday, we slept in, cooked breakfast*, then Jason , Landyn and I ran errands, did laundry and cooked dinner*. Then is was pillow fight time and we watched the movie Game Plan- it was a good movie! Finally got everyone in bed at 10:15.

Landyn will not sleep in his bed if it is thundering, raining or lightening so guess where he ended up Friday and Saturday? Yep, complete with stuffed elephant, blanket and earphones!

Looking forward to a great day tomorrow also!

*we cooked: ugly biscuits and bacon wrapped chicken-both recipes are on my recipe blog:

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