Saturday, November 20, 2010

Paisley Concert

 Justin Moore, who is a redneck hick from some little Arkansas town. We didn't care for him or his music.
 Darius Rucker, we LOVE him!!! He sang some of his new songs and several Hootie songs, too. We listened to Hootie when we dated and always wanted to go see them.
 The Entertainer of the Year: Brad Paisley! We love him and his music. Jason really likes to hear him play the guitar; I just like to look at him:) LOL He sang for about 2 hours nonstop; awesome show!

 Love this song: Waitin' on a Woman. Video with Andy Griffith
 He sang in the middle of the arena with just an acoustic guitar

& the last song, Alcohol. Everyone came out on stage. Darius Rucker had on a t-shirt that said: I'm with the Entertainer of the Year and had an arrow pointing to Brad Paisley.

Awesome show; we had cheap seats and I experienced my first panic attack when I walked out of the hallway and saw just high up our seats were! I finally got used to it but I thought I was going to pass out!

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